A Secret Tunnel Was Discovered That Connects Mexico And California, USA.


Despite the discovery of few underground passages for smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants across the border, it is not a surprise that criminals have resorted to finding ingenious ways of transporting goods from Mexico to the United States. Recently, Mexican authorities stumbled upon a secret tunnel, creatively hidden inside a wardrobe. According to Hottest […]

Couple on a Motorbike Managed To Have Their Intimate Scene While Traveling


We all know that riding a motorcycle has a lot of advantages over a car. That includes cheaper run, easier to repair, easier to park, however, motorcycle injuries are one of the top causes of road crash deaths. According to Hottest Online Trends, More than half of those who die in road accidents in the […]

Nawawalang SAILOR nakita sa Loob ng Patay na KATAWAN ng Isang SHARK.

News Viral

Sharks are deemed to be predators and always have an eye for a kill. These enormous kinds of human-eating mammals have sharp teeth that can tear anything apart. Recently, a report about a missing sailor found inside a shark’s body. According to Ur Daily Journal, friends Humphrey Simmons, Keith Ferguson, and Stanley Bernard went on […]

Tara,At Silipin Natin ang WHITE MANSION nina Richard Gomez at Lucy Torres,Nakakamangha.


  Back in 2013, the celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez were planning to invest in a condo unit in Makati. Unfortunately, the plan wasn’t push through, instead, they put their fate to a stunning property in a well-known village instead. The price was too hefty for the couple that makes them hesitant to […]

Halos Matabunan ng Limpak-Limpak Na Pera ang KAMA ng Pamilyang Ito Dahil sa Savings Nila Buong Taon Lang.

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If you think you have saved a money more than anyone else, you are wrong! One family was able to achieve filling their beds with a whopping amount of money, both bills, and coins by saving up for one year. Their photos went viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions from netizens, expressing their amazement. […]

PAGLALAWAY Habang Natututlog Ay Isang MAGANDANG SIGN Sa Katawan.Alamin Dito


Is it common for you to salivate while sleeping? If you are worrying that it might be linked to any condition, you are definitely wrong. Drooling while sleeping is an indication that your body is in good condition. Here’s the reason why. Sleeping is very important for the process of living and in order to […]

Aksidenteng NAHUKAY ng mga Construction Workers ang mga Lumang BANGA na ito,At Magugulat kayo sa LAMAN nito.


In Spain, construction workers stumbled upon some old looking pots while digging a ditch and weren’t sure if where it came from. What they found are called “amphoras“, made during the time when the Rome was in power throughout Europe. When clearing out the dirt covering the pots, they discovered that the amphoras are filled […]

Prinoklama ang DATES na “World Healthiest Fruit”Na kayang Pumuksa ng mga Nakamamatay na Sakit Ng Epektibo.Alamin po dito.


Dates is full of nutrients and health benefits that contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and fiber, including oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K. According to some health experts, one date per day can prevent and treat a countless number of health conditions. It is […]