A Lonely Seaman Greets His Wife A happy New year, But He Received A Response That Totally Breaks His Heart.


Filipino seamen also referred as Filipino seafarers or in general, the term “Filipino seamen” may include personnel from the Philippine Navy or the Philippine Marine Corps, it specifically refers to overseas Filipinos who are “sea-based migrant Filipino workers”.

Most seafarers sometimes think that they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives by choosing a career at sea because of some factors. It could be multiple machinery breakdowns that lead to negative thoughts or it could be due to the demanding schedule of the vessel that leaves no time for anything other than work. Some are missing their loved ones and feeling homesick. There are a lot of factors that they need to endure and managed to be able to stay on the ship, providing their family a comfortable life.

Recently, a heartbreaking story makes every netizen cry. The sender who apparently works overseas as a seaman who greets his wife a happy new year, but received a response that totally breaks his heart.

Read their conversation below:

Well, netizens couldn’t hold themselves but criticize the woman and console the loving seaman. Here are the comments from the netizens.


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