Woman Was Judge By Her Ex-Friend When She Decided To Be A Call Center Agent.

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“Yung Mga Taong Walang Pangarap Sa Buhay Call Center Ang Bagsak.”

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is deemed to be one of the most dynamic, and fastest growing industries in the Philippines. In the past 10 years, BPOs have contributed to the positive growth rate of the country’s economy and given millions of jobs to Filipinos, that made our country the most competitive economic power in Asia.

Apparently, working in BPO industry is not as easy as people perceived it. You are working for other races in your own country, working and talking endlessly all throughout the shift. There are cases where you only get 2 hours of sleep because of a sudden change of schedule.

However, some people look down individuals who choose to be a call center agent, calling them cheap and iis only fitting for those who have no dreams in life.

On April 7, Antonette Delos Santos posted her conversation with a friend, defending all the call center agents. Their conversation went foul and that’s where she stood up.

Through reading their conversation, this “friend” has a sister who supported her studies and used to buy her kinds of stuff, who is also a call center agent. Beyond her realization, her sister was also included to those who she called “walang pangarap”.

Her post garnered 9400 reactions and 5100 shares from angry netizens. The said post was already taken down for the unknown reason.

Here are the screenshots of the conversation:

Source: HottestOnlineTrends

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